On This One Trip To Kerala, The Language-Barrier Was Overwhelming (3)

What’s This About?

This is the story of why I started On This One Trip. Here’s the why and the what of it.

On This One Trip To Kerala, The Language-Barrier Was Overwhelming (3)

My family didn’t travel much. It wasn’t for the lack of interest or mood but for life itself. However, I made it a point to travel in life.

I started with a trip to Chandigarh, Shimla and McLeodganj back in 2014 with my class from architecture. I dropped out of architecture school that year.

I joined another course in Noida after my gap year and since then, I’ve been trying to travel as much as I can.

However, I noticed a certain trend in travel blogging and reporting.

Fewer people are interested in telling or hearing stories and experiences which was originally the reason people packed bags and moved out of their comfort zones in the first place.

Instead, most of it is focused on getting sponsorships, spreading the word about hot spots or the 5 best things to do… anywhere.

It’s disheartening because each trip I’ve had yet has taught me countless lessons, put me in awe or made me reconsider something I believed concretely. So, to see that the only thing people bring out of travelling is a list of cafés people must visit is borderline heartbreaking.

Therefore, I thought, I’ll create a blog completely based on granular and authentic stories from my travels and trips. An authentic travel blog, if you may. Stories you won’t find anywhere; stories that are unique to me.

So, here goes. On This One Trip… I decided to create a blog.


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