On This One Trip To Pune, I Was So Drunk I Almost Don’t Remember Coming Back To Delhi

Concerts can be pretty amazing especially when you see one of your favourite artists live. However, concerts and the overall feeling of joy can often be overwhelming. One such experience was when I was drunk out of my wits on my last night in Pune after VH1 Supersonic back in February.

Disclaimer: Before you make an opinion, read the whole thing. If you’re not patient enough, click here to scroll down to the conclusion of this post.

I remember getting up from the bed as all of us were talking about all sorts of things people our age talk about. I had had too much to drink that evening and if we’re honest, that entire weekend.

The result was that three days of drinking more than I had eaten was finally getting to me. Not that I said it out loud. Not that they didn’t get to know about it because I spent half the night in the washroom, holding my head over the toilet like it was a scene out of some movie about young people.

I remember one of my friends and co-travellers, picking me up from my T-shirt and throwing me on the bed. I remember telling them to wake me up for my flight the next morning. Everything else is pretty much a blur.

It wasn’t one of my most responsible moments, to be honest. However, in my defence, I was in a safe environment with over six people I trusted, more or less.

Anyway, fast forward to the morning. I remember waking up. I remember looking at my almost pre-packed bags with last-minute items hanging out of the front pocket. As I said, I was with responsible people. My boarding pass was right beside the bag. Everyone else was sleeping.

I got up and tip-toed, still hungover and extremely sleepy with a throbbing headache and made my way to the washroom I had so diligently accepted as a bed the previous night, if not for Rishabh.

I washed my face and brushed my teeth. I didn’t take a bath because I figured I’ll take one when I had reached. If you know me even in the slightest way, you’d know how far from my character that previous sentence is; if you don’t, well, take my word for it.

Anyway, lucky for me, Viman Nagar is literally Pune’s Aerocity, so I wasn’t as far from the airport as I thought. I reached it. I got myself through check-in and security… and I slept while waiting for my flight only to be woken up by the kind man who saw my boarding pass and knew I’d miss my flight, if not for his intervention.

I remember wearing my headphones around my neck. I remember not putting the earbuds in my ears even as the music was playing. The rest of the journey is basically just three pictures.

The first is me looking at the flight wing at Pune Airport. The second is me facing the in-flight food and gobbling it up like a madman. The third and the last one is me looking at the flight wing at the IGI Airport in Delhi. The rest of the journey is as you might’ve guessed it, a blur.

In my most movie-like appearance ever, I got out of the airport with unkempt hair, a drop of vomit on my chest, headphones over my neck – still playing music, a hot cup of Americano in my hand.

As I embraced the walking-cliche that I had become in that moment, I saw a woman arguing with some staff at the airport gates. She looked at me and just stopped. I’m not sure what made her do that, but I’m glad me at one of my most irresponsible moments helped save some poor guy’s day from going to shit.

Anyway, this isn’t something to be proud of and I’m not proud of it at all. If something, I’ll probably make sure something like this never happens again. I also went on a no-drinking streak for a month after this incident.

However, as someone who watches a lot of movies and reads a lot of books, embracing the banality of my situation was still a somewhat new experience for me.

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