On This One Trip To Waknaghat, We Went There And Back Again To Dehradun In One Day

It was 2016. Chiranjeev, a friend I’ve mentioned previously, wanted to attend a TEDx event at the Jaypee University of Information Technology, Waknaghat. In a somewhat unplanned state of affairs, we travelled to Waknaghat, attended TEDxJUIT, and were back in Dehradun by the morning. This was over 20 hours of riding on buses for a 4-hour long event. Here’s how it all went down.

I hadn’t attended any TEDx events until Chiranjeev asked me to visit one with him. The problem was, he was leaving in the morning, and it was already 11PM. Impulsive as I am, I said yes.

We left in the morning, taking a bus that departed at 7-something AM from ISBT, Dehradun. The coach was to stop directly at Shimla. Still, our journey which should’ve taken some seven hours took ten instead.

By the time we reached Waknaghat, the event had already begun, and we’d missed a few speakers. One of which was Bhuvan Bam who was a somewhat viral sensation at the time.

On This One Trip To Waknaghat, We Went There And Back Again To Dehradun In One Day (2)
That’s Shraddha Sharma, another Youtube sensation.

We attended the rest of the event I won’t say it was terrific but it was an experience; the good and bad of it depend on the way I reminisce, really.

After the event, we were famished. So, we asked our newfound friends to show us around to a canteen, since we were on their campus still. Now, JUIT is one of the most serene colleges I’ve seen yet.

Why is that? Well, the campus is surrounded by misty hills, trees and fresh air from all sides. The last I had seen such a college was back in Dehradun when I still hadn’t dropped out from architecture but JUIT, Waknaghat was on a whole other level, if we’re honest.

On This One Trip To Waknaghat, We Went There And Back Again To Dehradun In One Day (1)
Who wouldn’t want to have some Aloo Paranthas watching this sunset?

After hogging over some aloo paranthas at one of JUIT’s dhabas and enjoying this view for dessert, we decided against staying the night for some inexplicable reason. Now, we had to head back, and so we left the campus.

The hurdle here was that no bus seemed to stop near Waknaghat, despite us standing and gesturing in all ways possible. It wasn’t as large a hurdle though, we decided to go back to ISBT, Shimla and take a bus from there.

On our way there, I saw the hotel I had stayed with my friends from architecture back in 2014. I still have to talk about that trip on this blog. It was quite literally, my first one. We reached the bus terminal and took the 8:20 PM bus to Dehradun.

As we left Shimla, we saw a red moon. This was the first I had ever seen, and I’ve seen multiple since then. We couldn’t take a photo naturally, and so we decided to just save this one for ourselves. We slept throughout the journey only to wake up at 5-something AM in Dehradun.

It had been a long day, and it was finally, time to sleep.

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