On This One Trip To Pune, We Almost Missed Our Flight

I just wrote about our trip to Pune. However, in reality, that trip was almost botched. Why? Well, the basic premise of this story is that we’re dumb. I have always felt that air travel is slightly complicated for no reason whatsoever. There are a lot of specifics, and while it sounds simple, I’ve heard various accounts of people making flights just in time or missing them. Once upon a time, a friend missed his flight because he read the time wrong. We’re humans, after all. Anyway, here’s our story.

First Things First

Why another post? I just wrote one, right? Well, I didn’t post last week. Why was that? Because I was travelling. It occurred to me that this would happen a lot since most people usually travel near or on weekends and so, I realised that it was no excuse.

If you follow the blog on Instagram, you’d know that I already declared that there will be two posts today. If not, follow the blog on Instagram to stay in touch with such announcements.

Anyway, here goes.

On This One Trip To Pune, We Almost Missed Our Flight

I’m a reasonably new traveller. In fact, you could call each trip as me earning a figurative badge. This trip was no different. This was the first trip where I used the airport lounge… for free. My debit card grants me that benefit so I availed it, finally.

This was because Rishabh, one of the friends I was travelling with also had the same card. So, Rishabh and I went into the lounge to eat and chill a bit while Kunal waited outside. We suck as friends, right?

Anyway, the problem here was that our boarding time had commenced. In fact, it was some excellent twenty minutes into our boarding time. So, you could say that while I was sipping coffee and Rishabh was feasting on some chicken, our flight was getting ready to leave without us.

We didn’t know, though. Why were we lollygagging at the airport you ask? We thought our departure time was our boarding time. This is an error which my friends and I also made on our trip to Kochi last summer. It was a trip full of hurdles anyway.

So, as our boarding time came to its end, we reached the gates as casually as we could.

“Your flight is almost gone, sir. You’re all late,” said the person-in-charge.

Chaos ensued. Fortunately (or unfortunately), we weren’t the only ones who were out of their wits that day. Two other people followed suit. So, the five of us were responsible for your slight delay if you were on the 5:50 PM IndiGo flight to Pune from New Delhi last Thursday. Guilty as charged.

Anyway, we made our flight at the last minute. Meanwhile learning the lesson (twice in my case) to look at the times carefully.

When we talked about it later, we all agreed that we would’ve taken another flight to Pune had we missed that one. Even if we had taken another one, we would’ve lost the chance to experience Rynosax and Friends’ excellent performance at Shisha Jazz Cafe.

On This One Trip To Pune, We Almost Missed Our Flight (2)


That evening, quite literally, kickstarted our very musical weekend. It was fresh, unexpected and downright marvellous. So, missing it would’ve taken a star off the whole experience; not that we would’ve known about it had we missed it.

An evening of beautiful music aside, we would’ve lost gazing at a breathtaking sunset had we missed the flight. Now that would’ve been a bummer, right?

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