On This One Trip To Pune, I Saw alt-J Live

Music is one of those things I cannot imagine my life without. I know I’m not alone in saying or believing in that. Travelling for music was, however, a significant point on my mental to-do list. I checked it off this month when I went to Pune to attend VH1 Supersonic.

Anyway, VH1 was legendary, but there is one specific highlight that I just cannot avoid making a fuss about. I saw alt-J. I love alt-J. In fact, alt-J is one of my favourite bands of all time to the point that their songs aren’t songs, they’re gospels. Here is how all of it felt.

Supersonic was beautiful. It was enormous, and there was music all around. Four main stages, each linked to a genre and style were the talk of the town while there were smaller setups all over, like an iconic Reggae stage where people kept moving for the three days they attended the event. That aside, there was food, a lot of cheap booze and so much to do.

On This One Trip To Pune, I Saw alt-J Live (2)
alt-J, in all their glory and quite literally, lit

alt-J was one of the first artists to be announced for VH1 Supersonic. In fact, we got passes as soon as we heard alt-J was coming to India again. I missed them back during their first time here. Everything else, all other artists howsoever good, were just bonus points.

We were at the Sonic arena jumping and dancing to Dillon Francis when we realised alt-J was about to play. All three of us are alt-J buffs, so we knew we were already late. Making our way back to the Live arena, we stopped for some beers. That is when it hit us.

Deadcrush was playing subtly in the background. Deadcrush is a song from alt-J’s new album, Relaxer. Dropping the idea and mood for any booze, we ran to what already was a huge crowd of people who were ten thousand times smarter than us to have taken a good spot before alt-J began playing.

On This One Trip To Pune, I Saw alt-J Live (1)
What else could Gods look like?

We made our way through the crowd to a decent spot. Then, we stopped talking. It was beautiful. I like to put my faith in real people and ideas instead of books, epics and deities; alt-J to me is one place I really put my faith in. There is something about Matilda or 3WW that makes me want to stop and just listen.

Their entire set had all the essential tracks; Intro, Left Hand Free, Breezeblocks, Fitzpleasure, you name it. This was my first multi-day concert or fest and to watch and experience something this close to my heart on the first day was perfection.

How would you feel if you saw your God or equivalent live along with hundreds, if not thousands, of fellow supporters just swaying to the hymns slowly and cinematically?

It was that and so much more.

P.S. If you’ve never listened to them, what are you waiting for?

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  3. Reply

    I’m so jealous!!! I have the Relaxer CD in my car and I jam to it almost anywhere I drive.

      • Deepansh Khurana
      • March 4, 2018

      Isn’t it the best? What’s your favourite track on it? Also, if you haven’t listened to the rest of their music, just do it.

      1. I listen to them just about every time I shower haha. I like In Cold Blood off of that album. Whats your favorite?

        • Deepansh Khurana
        • March 4, 2018

        I love In Cold Blood! My favourite track from it is Pleader though. Glad to find a fellow alt-J fan though.

      2. Me too! 🙂

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