On This One Trip To Agra, We Took A Spontaneous Nap At Mehtab Bagh

Travelling makes you do strange things. Things such as sleeping in random places because you’re so tired that you can barely walk. This is what happened during my visit to Mehtab Bagh with Prateek back in 2015.

It was a long day. Travelling through Agra can be difficult because there are so many places to look at and so many moments to embrace.

We spent a day moving around Agra and visiting monuments. This included a lot of places and naturally included the Taj Mahal. While at Taj Mahal, Prateek asked me what was on the other side.

“The Yamuna, obviously”, I said, and he went on to ask what was beyond that. I was curious too, and so we asked around. We didn’t actually. It was a Google search. That’s the benefits of being living in today’s world. Travelling is easier than ever before. I have another example from my trip to Kochi which I’ll talk about in the posts to follow.

We learned it was Mehtab Bagh and the idea of an orchard right behind the Taj was almost as picturesque as the real thing. We took an auto-rickshaw to Mehtab Bagh. We strolled past through the simple gardens that spread far and wide.

As we made our way toward the river’s edge, we found ourselves under a canopy of trees and maybe it was the solace that the shade provided automatically that convinced us to stop and rest for a while. So, we did.

On This One Trip To Agra, We Took A Spontaneous Nap At Mehtab Bagh (4)
That is Prateek, walking through the orchards.

Before we knew it though, we dozed off. The Taj Mahal, the Yamuna, us and the trees. It was as if the moment’s simplicity took control of us all of a sudden.

Prateek and I do what we like to call ‘power travelling’. Most of our travelling was done when we were college students, and we only had weekends. Thing is when you have two days to travel, you move really quickly, and that’s what we did. The result? We really burned ourselves out.

That little nap in Mehtab Bagh really helped us fight that fatigue. When we woke up, the sun was almost down, our stuff was still with us, fortunately, and silhouettes of people stood at the edge of the orchards, embracing the Taj Mahal from behind. It was surreal in how believable it was.

On This One Trip To Agra, We Took A Spontaneous Nap At Mehtab Bagh (3)
Well, who’s to say that the love isn’t real near the Taj Mahal?

As I said, travelling makes you do strange things. Sleeping under the trees in a place you’ve visited for the first time is one of those. This is not recommended, but well, an experience is an experience.

On This One Trip To Agra, We Took A Spontaneous Nap At Mehtab Bagh (2)
This is what I saw when I woke up and well, why wouldn’t you want to wake up like this?
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