On This One Trip To Triund, We Got Stuck Between A Rock And A Chain Of People

On my trip to McLeodganj and Shimla in 2016, we also had the Triund trek in our itinerary. While Triund is a pretty easy trek otherwise, we had a particular moment where we got stuck because of a few others above us. Here’s what happened, as best as I remember it.

We began from where everyone begins the Triund trek. We were stoked. While we had been friends for years, it was our first travelling experience together and while in hindsight, we realised we have different travel definitions. It was all quite fun when it was happening.

The road uphill to Triund was easy enough for us unseasoned trekkers. It started with a forest trail and ultimately converged into a rocky path. Between the forest trail and the rocky path, we had rains, random stops and one particular experience of terror. At least, it was so for me. I can’t say for the other two because one of them is a seasoned traveller now and it has been an amazing experience to be part of his.

Back to the story though, as we walked through the leaves and soil and occasional stones and hurdles, we reached a place where instead of taking the designated path everyone took a direct one to the road above. It was all fine and looked like an easy climb. We jumped on the bandwagon thereby creating a chain of people. Some of them were above us, some below us. We were right there, sandwiched in between the two groups.

Suddenly, our collective climb was interrupted by a member of the group above us. Not as much by her but instead, by her inability to climb. This girl, she started sobbing and declared, “she couldn’t do it”. Now, it’s all fine to accept what you cannot do in a normal situation. However, it can sound pretty scary when over ten people are on a cliff, one’s hand placed right where the other’s shoe ends. Not to mention, my friends and I had our entire luggage on us too.

So, everyone started to ask her friends to pull her up. Everyone also started cheering her. I have reason to believe it was mainly because no one wanted to fall. I considered a safe fall, just in case. I couldn’t find any though.

Ultimately, after some screaming and mass-motivation, she managed to get up to the path. While Triund is an easy trek and yes, this might be the laughing-stock for seasoned and experienced travellers, I did feel, for a minute at least, that I was going to die because of someone else’s fault that day.

That is precisely why I love travelling. You get these experiences that you just cannot get in cities as you live in your comfort zone. The clichés are true… provided you live to tell the tale.


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