On This One Trip To Jaipur, A Hundred Pigeons Surrounded Us

I was visiting Jaipur around this time last year. On that trip, something amazing happened. While everything was beautiful throughout it, a particular moment stood out. That was when we were surrounded by a hundred pigeons on our way to Hawa Mahal.

We had just spent over an hour in the City Palace and its grounds. Next up on our list was Hawa Mahal but as we walked through Gangori Bazaar, we found ourselves in what I can best describe as an open promenade that overflowed with dry grain.

There was grain everywhere, almost like a beautiful painting of yellow, orange and white. On that pool of grain, hundred pigeons. A perfect grey sheet over the yellow. Mesmerizing is a small word when it comes to that sight.

Some grain merchants sat beside the road, each selling a different kind. So, we bought a handful of it to feed the pigeons. As we fed them, they surrounded us and flew everywhere. They flew and manoeuvred over us, between us and all other possible feats a hundred pigeons can accomplish.

To the people who live in Jaipur, this may be a usual thing. However, to two young men who were travelling through the royal city this was beautiful and an extreme change of pace. It quickly became one of the highlights of that trip and it lives to that title even today.

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    • arv!
    • October 14, 2017

    You should have visited Albert hall museum too

      • Deepansh Khurana
      • October 15, 2017

      I visited a lot of different places. Unfortunately, I did end up skipping Albert Hall Museum. Now that you’ve mentioned it, it’s on my list any time I visit Jaipur again. Thank you.

        • arv!
        • October 15, 2017

        I forgot to mention…I posted an image of pigeon in flight with the backdrop of Albert hall. If you that interests you, you can check it out. 🙂

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